Sri Pvt. ITI, Patrapada,Bhubaneswar

(Affiliated to NCVT,Govt of India, & SCTE & VT, Govt. of Odisha)

  • Trade Electrician:(Strength-294 Seat)

Basic knowledge of house wiring and transmission and distribution of electrical power, measuring instrument, i.e. Megger, Tachometers, Tongue Tester, Ohm Meter, Galvano Meter, Volt Meter, Ammeter, Energy Meter,, Frequency Meter, Power Factor Meter, Watt Meter, Avomenter (Their operation and functions.) Alternator and AC/DC Motor with starter, Transformer and Rectifier, Illumination, Rewinding of different motors and instruments and D.C. Generator etc.

The area of workshop is

  • Trade Electronics Mechanic:(Strength-42 Seat)

The Department of Electronics Mechanic was started in the year 2004 with an intake capacity 42.At present the department was setup keeping in view of the increasing demand of the industry and is able to fulfill the same.

The area of workshop is

  • Trade Fitter:(Strength-231 Seat)

Fundamental principles of fittling, sawing, chipping,drilling and tapping, retrieving, making of nuts and bolts, welding, framing of sheet metal works and adequate knowledge about handling of lathe machines.

The area of workshop is

  • Trade Sewing Technology:(Strength-21)

Knowledge of cutting dress-material into pieces and sewing them. Tailoring practices for knitting and embroidery work. Designs and decorate work. Learning the Art of Modern Tailoring, to develop the idea of handcraft and modern craftsmanship.

The area of workshop is

  • Data Entry Operator:(Strength-42)

Computer Fundamental ,Dos, Windos, Ms-access, Pagemaker Msword. MS-Excel, Ms-Powerpoint, DTP, Internet, Lan, Computer language & Programming

The area of workshop is

  • Cabin Room Attendant :(Strength-42)

Basic knowledge of attendant regarding hospitality to the guest in hotel/restaurant/guest house etc.

The area of workshop is